Damn it's Cold Here

I recently just moved back to Colorado to finish college and of course took all my camera gear with me. Today is the first major snow of 2016, so I decided to take out my drone. I happily just bought a new GoPro Hero 4 black and decided to try it out on the drone. Here is the result (PS: I'm loving the tree branches with snow if you couldn't tell)

Had to add some nice piano music to make it a bit more interesting. 

I also recently went to FlyHigh trampoline park with some friends and put together a little video for social media.

It is a family-friendly indoor trampoline park that has a variety of fun activities. I however, always try to push the limits and attempted a double backflip, but instead didn't go far out enough into the pit and slammed my shin onto the edge of the padded bar around the trampoline. Added some new colors to my brand new leggings. They now have some nice shades of red... 

Trampoline parks can be very fun and I recommend everyone to try it out at least once. I've seen every age just jump and it's great to see parents getting involved in activities with their kids rather than letting the the kids play alone as the parents stare at their phone. These parks are popping up everywhere, so just google "trampoline park near me" and I can almost guarantee there'll be at least one in whatever city is near you. 

Anyways, out here in Colorado I'll be working on parkour videos, snowboarding, Winter X Games Aspen 2016, and anything else I can capture. Make sure to follow my Instagram @graceflix for the latest in videos.