Small Business + Parkour

The apparel in parkour is similar to break/hip hop dancers: all over the place. You'll find incredibly baggy sweatpants, colorful spandex, and everything in between. Whatever is comfortable and allows you to get the most movement is basically the rule because tight jeans can sometimes be constricting when doing the splits. 

I recently got some sweet spandex from this awesome company called Society6. This company gets artworks form thousands of artists and prints/sells them on various products such as clothes, pillows, phone cases, and blankets.

I am obsessed with geometrics, so I received the Mynt leggings by Spires as a gift not too long ago and I am loving them. Human flagpoles are what I am currently working on to hold longer.

Companies like Society6 are wonderful finds for different styles of clothing that you won't have a "who wore it better" with others. I am still working on GX Pockets with the help of Spoonflower to get all my drawn designs on fabric. This company allows to to design your own custom fabrics, wallpapers, and gift wrap with a wide variety of qualities. They have wonderful customer service and their response time is incredibly fast. The shipping arrived in about a week with my 1 sq. yd. of fabric.

I'm excited to start making some designer pockets with this awesome fabric and hope to sell them sometime this year. Look out for GX_Pockets on Instagram that should have some photos up in March. 

If you're looking for workout clothes that are different and creative, check out society6 or create your own on Spoonflower! Send some love to the small time artists or become one yourself because art is an incredible outlet for stress and it shows off your personality to the world!