GoPro Editions Videos for Fly High

At Fly High Trampoline Park in Fort Collins, CO, I manage the social media marketing and content producing of our various profiles. This involves writings, creating, posting, and managing different texts, graphics, photos, and videos that represent the park.

We recently released a new campaign of GoPro Edition videos that can be used as a reoccurring theme for future videos entirely filmed with GoPros. Here's a clip of the first video that was posted last Friday at 6PM on our Facebook page:

I found it interesting that the 2 promos we posted on Tuesday and Thursday as little sneak peeks had vastly different responses enough though they were posted at the same time. On Facebook, the second sneak peek was watched by about 50 people, however on Instagram it was watched by about 300! Fly High has hundreds of more followers on Facebook than Instagram, but the audiences are different. Instagram has a younger audience while Facebook is predominately older. Typically younger people are interested in GoPros and impressive flips, so it was understandable that Instagram received more responses.

Each site can reach a different audience more effectively, so good research into your desired audience is a great step to reach the people you want for your business with the appropriate social media site.