Putting Together a Story Based Active Video

A problem a lot of people face filming action sports videos have is one that involves a story. Believe it or not, not everyone likes to just watch trick after trick. A little intro/conflict/resolution can make your video look incredibly more professional and not just your friend holding a camera while you flip off a ledge.

I have a video shoot coming up on Wednesday that involves Parkour with a beginning/middle/end story. I will be posting it on all social media, but the original reason for this project was to create something with Parkour that isn't the typical cool flip videos. Of course there will be cool flips and such, but along with a story.

It's always good to do a little Behind the Scenes (BTS) footage while filming using social media to create hype for the release. SnapChat is the easiest for quick and simple BTS for that filming day, but Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great to use as well. Wednesday is going to be a big filming day that I'm excited to share with everyone!

Here's a great example of a Parkour story video: