Fly High Trampoline Park

In the last few months, I have been working as the Social Media Marketer/Content Producer at Fly High Trampoline Park in Fort Collins, CO. If you have never been to a trampoline park, I'd recommend finding one in your area because they're really fun with dozens of activities all on trampolines. Here is a video I created for Fly High to show everything it offers that we posted on our Facebook page with 2 sneak-peek promos days before.

COME JUMP WITH US at Fly High Trampoline Park with all its amazing activities!!! Weekday discount deals and endless fun for all ages! Here's a video that showcases some of its best features! Music by Nova #trampoline #flyhighfun #comejumpwithus #dodgeball #basketball #familyfun #discounts

Posted by Fly High Trampoline Park Fort Collins, CO on Friday, March 11, 2016

I manage Fly High's social media profiles from Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter. This involves researching trends, regularly posting, promoting deals, boosting posts, taking photos, and creating videos. The very first video I created for Fly High was an animated logo for their video content. I created it on After Effects and tried to incorporate the trampoline aspect of the park. 

The first major video I created for Fly High was about the Colorado State University Snowriders Club who had a private party. These guys were incredible and I can only image how great they were on a snowboard or skis!

The CSU Snowriders Club came to Fly High Trampoline Park and showed off their skills! Check out their flips and tricks in this week's video!!! #trampoline #csusnowriders #csurams #college #snowboard #bounceboard #djiphantom #flips #tricks #spins #flyhighfun #comejumpwithus

Posted by Fly High Trampoline Park Fort Collins, CO on Friday, February 26, 2016

This park is incredibly fun and the staff is wonderful. I have made great friends from working here and have found a new group to train parkour with that all attend CSU as well. I hope to post more that involves Fly High and film some creative videos that are different from any other trampoline park.