Scheduling Ahead

When marketing photos, deals, videos, etc. online, I would strongly recommend scheduling ahead. This involves using social media programs that allow you to schedule posts to be put out to the world or your targeted audience. 

Hootsuite is a great site that lets you manage posts on multiple different social media platforms, but I usually only use it for Twitter. Facebook is awesome with it's scheduling capabilities. It has a really easy format that lets you set a date, time, and target audience with all the other typical info when posting like location and tags. 

I scheduled a few posts for Fly High Trampoline Park for their semi-weekly videos and recently released the Incredible Kids video on Friday at 6PM. I was away from the computer on that Friday night watching Deadpool for the second time so Facebook's scheduling makes it so much easier than having to plan to be on the computer at the right time.

Here's the Instagram sneak peek.

Instagram typically gets a lot more exposure with videos on flips and tricks since the demographic is younger. Facebook receives more input on posts about deals and things that relate more to parents than teenagers.

Schedule ahead! It really saves a lot of time and effort.