1 Second Everyday

If you are unfamiliar with the app 1 Second Everyday (1SE), get yourself acquainted because it is a fancy little app. Basically it is just what the name says. A compilation of 1 second of everyday that you take through your phone camera.

So, you take a video of something you did in your day, go into the app, tap the calendar day that you filmed the video, crop out the 1 second through their editing tool, and ta-da! Do it enough and you got yourself a little compilation video! Once you get the hang of it, you can discover what looks good, what doesn't, and how to make a story of it. 

I typically like only doing this as a summer project so the video is under 2 minutes. Once you go longer, people lose interest pretty easily, especially if they're truthful 1 seconds and its full of Netflix screens and take-out. 

Here's my last 1 Second Everyday compilation video of Summer 2015 that I added some music to in post.

1 Second Everyday is one of those apps that is a good way to make you do something fun everyday if possible and try to capture it. I get obsessed and am strict about actually capturing something everyday, but if you just capture something cool every-once-in-a-while, you can still create something awesome. 

If you have created one or know of any that are awesome, post it in the comments below.